Sadie's Suitcase

Sadie’s Suitcase is our 2021 Apex Nano, located on 27 beautiful acres in Broken Bow, OK. Named after our best girl, Sadie Sue, this RV sleeps 5. Book alone or combine with our Glamping Tent or tiny house.

Hey Ya’ll, it’s me, Sadie… Sadie Sue, and this here is my Suitcase! It’s small, like me, and it can travel but really it likes to stay put…just like me.

My momma and daddy took me to an RV park once with my suitcase, and as soon as they opened the car door I was gone. Momma thought I wasn’t never comin’ back, on account of I didn’t know where I was, but my suitcase is easy to find. It’s real cute, especially on the inside. After that trip, daddy decided I was better off at home and he put my suitcase out in the woods by our pond.

I just love the woods. I mean, you might be from a big city and that’s ok, but I’ll take the squirrels here any day over those neighborhood yahoos. I guess I’m just a country girl. If you’re lookin’ for a place to stay in Broken Bow, Oklahoma I sure hope you keep my suitcase in mind. Maybe you’re thinkin’ about buying your own suitcase? This is a good way to see if you like it.

See ya’ll real soon. Bye now!

Heidi’s Hideaway