Alexander’s Great Escape

Alexander’s Great Escape is the perfect getaway for couples or small families. This property is one of a kind. Secluded, peaceful setting and only 15 minutes to Beavers Bend and Hochatown. Cozy chic!

Hello my friends, it is I… Alexander, and THIS is my Great Escape!

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all, you know?  (Believe me I KNOW, ok?  I’m an eight pound Cheewawa and I live with two Great Pyrenees.  They’re my body guards, but that big girl, Heidi – I’m pretty sure she secretly wants to eat me).

When the world gets too big and you’re feeling very small, do not fret, my friends because I will share my Great Escape with you!  Lovingly decorated by my mamma and papa, this tiny house in the woods has everything you need to relax and recharge your batteries.  You know… when the Pyrenees start to get a bit wild, I like to relax and recharge my batteries… in my mamma’s lap.  (Do not be alarmed if I turn up in bed with you unannounced.  Just kidding… only really, I’m not kidding. I love a good snuggle).

So, in closing my friends… I invite all of you, (even YOU, who I have never met) to come stay with us at Alexander’s Great Escape.  I am sure you will love this tiny house in the woods with the big heart.  I know I do…

Yours Truly,
Alexander The Great